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Regional Media and Communications Advisor (WAF)

Publiée le 20.11.2020


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Oxfam International est une confédération composée de vingt organisations indépendantes de même sensibilité qui agissent « contre les... lire la suite

Détails de l'annonce

Poste proposé : Regional Media and Communications Advisor (WAF)

Job Purpose

•To profile Oxfam’s work in national, regional and global media and in wider communications to support Oxfam’s public engagement including fundraising and campaign goals.

•To work with national and affiliate press officers in the region (Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic,  Chad,  Ghana,  Liberia,  Mali,  Mauritania,  Niger,  Nigeria,  Senegal,  Sierra  Leone) to  deliver high-quality media projects and compelling story-gathering materials for national, regional and global media markets, and wider social media and communications needs.

•To act as a conduit between national and global media colleagues to ensure that messages and quality are consistent, and to identifyopportunities for collaboration.

•To provide strategic media, communications and social media advice to senior-level staff at regional and  country  level  on  a  day-to-day  basis  in  the  development  of  plans,  matters  of  brand  risk,  crisis communicationand to maximise communications impact

•To  lead  or  support  Oxfam’s  global  media  and  communications  response  to  a  Cat  1  or  Cat  2 humanitarian crisis response, under the management of the nominated Lead Media Affiliate.

•To ensure the regional andcountry teams consistently implement the global Oxfam brand guidelines and related global corporate tools.

•To coordinate between country teams and affiliates, Oxfam International or specific functional teams to  enable  access  and  provide  support  to  the  country  program  for  content  gathering  (e.g.  trips),  for media, fundraising, campaigning and other forms of public engagement.

Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

•Work with country teams to deliver high impact stories for use in national, regional and global markets for traditional and social media.

•Work  with  the  country  teams  to  develop  and  implement  a  high-quality  story-gathering  strategy  to showcase Oxfam’s work by generating compelling stories for use in media, social media, andwider communications including in support of fundraising and influencing objectives

•Design and implement a regional media strategy that secures high-impact media to help raise Oxfam’s profile, bring change on core Oxfam issues,and raise funds

•Act  as  a  conduit  between  global  and  national  press  officers  to  support  the  sharing  of  high-quality material and to amplify national stories in the global media

•Support the development and delivery of a regional media strategy in support of regional campaigns, mobilising and managing the engagement of the media in the delivery of campaign activities

.•Work with OI Head of Media as a key part of OI media community, including as sitting member of the OI Media Group

•Manage the regional digital and content advisor

•Ensure that the OI Content Standards are implemented by the regional and country teams.

•Ensure that the regional team and the country teams consistently implement the global Oxfam brand guidelines  and  related  global  corporate  tools; being  the  first  go-to  trained  brand  champion  and providing direct support to the regional and country teams.

•Work with the OI head of Brand and global Brand Group to align global and regional brand strategies.

•Respond to the news agenda in the region to identify opportunities to profile Oxfam objectives and identify risk

•Be the first point of contact for press officers across the confederation for regional media enquiries

•Provide strategic media, social media and communications advice at the senior level in the region and nationally. This would include in the development of team plans, appropriate responses in the media and social media, brand risk and maximising impact of communications

•Provide expertise, advise and delivery to helpmitigate national and regional risk

•Help to host and/or support countries in hostinginternational media and celebrity trips

•Provide strategic advice to regional and global campaign and fundraising teams to ensure projects are media-friendly and have the communications products needed to amplify messages.

•Provide or support media training of national and regional teams and develop spokespeople to speak on humanitarian, development and campaigning issues

•Act as a spokesperson for the organisation

•Monitor and evaluate the impact ofmedia projects, and provide regular reporting


•Eager and required to adhere to Oxfam’s principles and values as well as the promotion of gender justice and women's rights

•Understanding of and commitment to adhere to equity, diversity, gender, child safety and staff health safeguarding and wellbeing principles

.•The post holder will be expected to undertake regular travels in the region, be deployed as much as needed to support WAF countries and may be seconded to protection country programs if required

Profil recherché pour le poste : Regional Media and Communications Advisor (WAF)

At least five years’ experience as a journalist or media officer/specialist

•Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English and French

•Experience of working in global media

•Exceptional multi-media and story-gathering skills

•Ability to conceptualise, design and deliver  media, story-gathering and  digital communication strategies including for international audiences

•Ability to lead complex projects and Knowledge of how the national regional, and international media works

•Ability to represent the organisation in high-profile and high-pressured external environments

•Ability to use various social media platforms to support Oxfam’s campaigns and programmes and strong understanding of how the news media can be used to fundraise and influence change

•Ability to develop creative ways to engage the public on slow onset emergencies and development work

•Media training skills

•Ability to manage brand and design guidelines for professional print, digital and desktop.

•Knowledge of the international development and humanitarian context

•Producing high-quality communications products to tight deadlines

•Experience in managing teams, working with different cultures and working with geographically dispersed teams

•Proven ability in strategic thinking and leadership


•Qualification in media studies or journalism (or equivalent experience)

•Good understanding of, and commitment to, gender equity (particularly around poor women's rights)

•Innovative and creative approach to problem solving

Organizational Values:


–Our   purpose-driven,   results-focused   approach   means   we   take responsibility  for  our  actionsandholdourselves  accountable.Webelievethatothersshouldalsobeheldaccountablefortheir actions.


–Our approach means that everyone involved with Oxfam, from our staff and supporters to people living in poverty, should feel they can make change happen.


–We are open to everyone and embrace diversity.We believe every one has a  contribution  to  make,  regardless  of  visible  and  invisible differences

Critères de l'annonce pour le poste : Regional Media and Communications Advisor (WAF)
Métier :
Marketing, communication
Secteur d´activité :
Activités associatives
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Région :
Aïoun El-Atrouss - Akjoujt - Aleg - Atar - Bassiknou - Boghé - Kaédi - Kiffa - Néma - Nouadhibou - Nouakchott - Rosso - Selibaby - Tidjikdja - Zouerate
Niveau d'expérience :
Expérience entre 5 ans et 10 ans
Niveau d'études :
Langues exigées :
Nombre de poste(s) : 1

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